One More Sleep

Tomorrow is the big day for Team China Bendigo!

2.30 at Tom Flood.  Students look for your teacher. We want to be on the road around 2.45pm.  Our Flight is Air China CA 166 departing at 8pm.  Remember to have shorts and a hat in your day bag, just in case we don’t get access to our bags when we arrive nice and early at our Hotel.

We will arrive around 6am on Thursday morning. As students might not get to contact parents on the first day, we will attempt to upload something here on the blog to let everyone know that we have made it.

See you all tomorrow.

5 Days To Go!

Team China 2019 is off in just 5 days.

Just a few reminders.

  • Be at Tom Flood Sports Complex at 2.30pm on Wednesday, we will depart at 2.45pm.
  • $20Aus in day pack for airport.
  • Our Air China flight -CA166 departing at 8pm.
  • No more than 100ml in liquid to be packed.
  • It is suggested to have a pair of shorts in day pack for when we land – it is going to be hot!
  • China is 2 hours behind us time wise.

Our 2nd Pre Departure Day

Today Team China Bendigo had our second Pre Departure Day. The students participated in 3 activities, washing and packing clothes, bargaining in a respectful way and going over how to move safely around the cities that we are visiting. The students got to ask some more questions about the trip. We also got a visit from Cr Rod Fyffe.

Pre Departure Day2



Day Two

Tuesday May 7th


Activity One



Activity Two


Activity Three









Bartering and Bargaining in a Respectful Way.

Risk Management Discussion and Scenarios


1.       On and off the trains

2.       What to expect at the airport

3.       Etc..


AND Where in the World

Packing and Laundering


What to pack, what sort of luggage will work best for you and how to do your laundry – hotel style!




Arrive Gym Maple St Campus Golden Square Primary School

Access via MacKenzie St West. Students eat lunch and catch up with their travelling buddies.


1.00 pm

Whole Group: Overview of the Afternoon

Question and Answer Session – based on the questions asked after the last pre-departure activity day.

1.15pm Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1.45pm Group 3 Group 1 Group 2
2.15pm Group 2 Group 3 Group 1
2.45pm Finish and Return to School or Parent Pick-Up as Arranged.