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Information relating to 2017 and prior OSLE trips are found below.


Wednesday May 17th, 2017

Our 2nd pre-departure day was great fun!

Kim taught us how to wash our clothing in the hotel sink and gave us some advice about personal hygiene and important things to include in our packing. Chen explained how to barter with locals and taught us some phrases that we can use at different markets. Craig showed us some videos of the Met system and orientated us around the city with maps.

We were also fortunate to have Matt Emond, councillor of the Lockwood Ward, provide some tips and advice for our travels. He explained the strong local connection Bendigo has with China and wished us a safe and fulfilling trip.




Our first pre-departure meeting at Golden Square Primary was a great success. We spent the day rotating around different activities, facilitated by travelling teachers.

2017 Learnings………

  • I have learnt how to use chopsticks
  • I have learnt what they eat in China
  • I learnt about the do’s and the don’ts in China
  • I have learnt everything that Leah taught us
  • Learnt about etiquette and some really handy tips
  • I learnt more about their language
  • I learnt Chinese greetings
  • I have learnt about teamwork today
  • I learnt a lot from Andrew
  • I learnt more about China and more about the people that I am travelling with.
  • I learnt more about Chinese culture e.g. colours, lucky numbers
  • I learnt who my room mates are
  • I learnt that China can be very busy at all times
  • I have learnt about the toilets and that you do not find toilet paper in a toilet
  • I have learnt about squat toilets
  • I have learnt what I need to do if I get lost
  • I learnt about China and that ice cream originated there.
  • I learnt more words that I could use in China
  • I have learnt about bartering and travelling on trains
  • I learnt how to ask useful questions /new Chinese phrases
  • I have learnt more about what I can buy.
  • I have learnt about bartering.
  • I have learnt about not drinking tap water
  • I have learnt to stay away from milk, water, ice, fruit & vegies
  • I have learnt how to greet and introduce myself in Chinese language
  • I have learnt more about what to expect in China.
  • I have learnt what happens in China
  • I have learnt how to be stay safe in China
  • That it is offensive to write in red in China.
  • I have learnt what to do at the market

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    • The meeting information is as follows:
      When: Thursday May 11th, 2017 – 7pm-8pm
      Where: Speciman Hill Primary School.

  1. Time has arrived
    One last sleep and up bright and early.
    Safe traveling and enjoy your trip everyone.

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