Last sleep before we travel

So we are down to one last sleep before we travel. Everyone has been busily packing and checking they have everything for the trip. We leave from the QEO at 6am after arriving at 5:40am so we can pack our bags and say our goodbyes, or see you laters.

We wish everyone a safe and happy trip to China. Keep checking the blogs to see where we have been each day.

Preparing to Travel

Today we attended our second preparation day for our journey to China next week. We participated in three activities giving us more information for our overseas learning experience.
The first was a travel session where we talked about catching trains and using travel cards etc. The next activity was all about our baggage and hotel laundry. Packing our bags is very important so we can fit everything in and have room to bring home gifts. The last activity was with Juncai and we learned all about the money and bartering at the markets.

A highlight of the day was having our photo taken with the Past Mayor Rod Fyffe.






Epsom PS & Bendigo Violet St PS- EAL classes

We are lucky enough to have Bendigo Violet Street Primary School join us on Thursday afternoons. In that time they have written speeches to say farewell to their host schools or made presentations with voice overs and pictures of their stay.  We have also looked at the school blogs and answered many questions from school friends in Australia.

Their English has really improved as they have been immersed in the language.  We are really proud of our Chinese students and will be very sad to see them go.

Thanks Summer, Linda, Thomas, Zeke, Cherry and Colora, I have very much enjoyed being your English teacher.

From Ms Fitz

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