5 Days To Go!

Team China 2019 is off in just 5 days.

Just a few reminders.

  • Be at Tom Flood Sports Complex at 2.30pm on Wednesday, we will depart at 2.45pm.
  • $20Aus in day pack for airport.
  • Our Air China flight -CA166 departing at 8pm.
  • No more than 100ml in liquid to be packed.
  • It is suggested to have a pair of shorts in day pack for when we land – it is going to be hot!
  • China is 2 hours behind us time wise.

Predeparture day 2

Another predeparture day has come and gone.  Today we learned more to make our trip a success such as washing our shirt, bartering and using the train system.  Also the Mayor Rod Fyffe came to see us and wish us a great learning journey. See above on the phrases link for pronunciations for certain bartering phrases with Shengjie.