Day 12

Day 11 started off with our final pack up of the trip.  The greatest challenge being, making sure that we could fit all of our presents in our bags.
Children’s Day is a recognition of children and childhood and was celebrated in China Today. We made sure all the kids had a wonderful time on their last day in China.
Spending the start of a Saturday in Shanghai bought about wonderful opportunities to immerse ourselves in some of Shanghai’s traditions, particularly in and around People’s Square.
From early in the morning Parents are out looking for a possible spouse for their sons and daughters.  The prospective partners details, written on a piece of paper and are attached to the back of an open unbrella and placed on along the paths in rows. The parents walk around chatting with other parents to see if there is a harmonious fit only after
The fitness area was also a hit today, with exercises and games of basketball with the locals.
Dancing and singing was a big part of the day also in and around the People’s Square with many of the staff and students joining in and having a go.
Local Chinese food was on the menu for the last time for most of the groups😃.
Tours on the Big Red Bus were a hit, seeing the sights around the CBD of Shanghai as well as offering the opportunity to walk along the Bund in daylight.
The Maglev train ride for the second day in a row was a hit, with speeds again reaching 431kms.
Some last minute shopping was undertaking to pick up some extra gifts for family members, or perhaps a packet of White Rabbits to share out between classmates.
A long haul is in front of us but even through the tiredness, their is a hint of excitement as we all get ready to catch up with our families on Sunday. See you all soon!

Day 9

We are reaching the end of an extraordinary adventure and today involved many new experiences for travellers. We had the opportunity to split up into smaller groups and explore the streets of Shanghai.

Some early rising groups were able to experience the Maglev (fast train) they reached some serious speed, getting up to 431km/h!

Other groups after a well deserved sleep in, ventured to the Shanghai Zoo which featured amazing animals such as Ant eaters, Antarctic wolves, Bears, Hedgehogs, cheeky Monkeys and of course Pandas. It was amazing to see such a large variety of animals that you may not necessarily see in Australia. The obvious favourite at the Zoo was the Panda who sat lazily in his hammock eating some delicious bamboo.

After this, it was back to the Science and Technology market to splash the rest of our cash, as we didnt have much left it was imperative for travellers to try and get the most for the least amount of money.
Unfortunately for some teachers this involved buying an extra suitcase because they bought waaay too many handbags and shoes (for presents of course).

As the sun setted it was off to the Bund for our scenic river tour of Shanghai. From the river we were able to see beautifully lit buildings such as the Bottle Opener, Shanghai Tower and Pearl Tower. A lot of the buildings looked like giant televisions while others were covered in vibrant rainbow colours. We felt tiny traveling along the Bund with the buildings towering over us.

Late night tonight, most likely no phone calls as teachers will be trying to fill students suitcases with their extra purchases(kidding) as well as preparing themselves for the long travel home.