Day 8-Back to Shanghai

After our very successful school and home stay visits in Suzhou and our very extravagant hotel,  we made our way back to the Park Hotel in Shanghai.

After another banquet lunch and check in we headed for the flower, bird, insect and small animal market. This is one of the few remaining traditional markets in town. The Chinese who here for apartment and city sized pets and what a unique selection there is! There is a vast array of critters for sale here but it can be quite confronting to see some of these animals for sale and in small cages!

We also went to the Shanghai Urban Exhibition Centre. Here we saw a scale model of the whole city of Shanghai. We couldn’t believe how big the city is but with a population of more than 26 million they have to live somewhere!

Tonight we went to the world famous acrobatics show at the ERA Circus. On our way to the circus, Charlie thought it would be a good idea to tie her backpack to a pole on the train. We missed the stop but with the assistance of a local Charlie and Mr Schaeche returned to the correct station 5 minutes later. I don’t think she will be doing that again!

Our favourite acts were the motorbikes, silk dancers and catapults. An amazing spectacle. We should all sleep well tonight


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