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Today Bendigo Violet St students joined the Xinghai PS students for Art class.
They were sketching rocks from the Administrators Garden. They worked with oil pastels and paper and used lots of detail.

Olive, Sophie and Chloe met with their sister school Principal, Mr Hong.
They exchanged gifts and then explored the school garden. The school grounds take one hour to walk around!
They watched their basketball team train too.

The class hosted a party for Olive, Sophie and Chloe. They played a game with marbles and chopsticks. They played instruments and showed them a dance and they taught them the Nutbush!
They tried some seasonal foods like lychees and locquts and they tried our vegemite.

The girls from BVPS had some Kung Fu lessons with the Master but he said their push ups weren’t very good!


Lastly all the Team China students went to the Tiger Hill and saw a Pagoda which was over 2,500 years old. It is also known as the leaning tower of Suzhou.

We have loved every minute of Suzhou and hope that we can come back again one day. We will miss our new friends but hope that they will visit us in Australia.  Next stop Shanghai !

The Stratfieldsaye girls have also had an absolutely wonderful time, especially at their homestay and at their Sister School, Xingyang School

The girls were also excited to share a beautiful dinner with our 2018 Homestay students, Qiu and Aiden  their teacher Leo and their families.

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