Day 7

Today was a very exciting day for all! This morning we were all whisked away to our sister schools in Suzhou Industrial Park. These schools included Wencui PS, Weiting Experimental PS, Qing Jian Hu School, Xinghai PS, Xincheng Garden PS, Fangzhou PS, Dong Zhou PS, Jinji Lake PS, Xinggang School, Weiting School, Dong Sha Lake School, Hamlin PS, Xingyang School.

We were greeted with welcoming arms and were made to feel like royalty. Children were introduced to the classes and schools, some even had to make speeches at school assemblies!

Our students experienced many different lessons including music, calligraphy, PE, paper cutting, Kung Fu, Art and science.

Then it was lunch time! Our school meals varied from rice to black beans to KFC to ducks blood!!! Some schools were lucky enough to have delicious cakes for snack time.

On return the tingle in the air was electric. Kids were excited to share their stories and new experiences with each other. A few may refuse to return back to their Australian classrooms!

In the afternoon we ventured to the Humble Administrators Garden. This world heritage site was one to remember. Commonly known in China as ‘The Mother’s Gardens’, we wandered through the gardens with many other tourists and Chinese nationals.

We ended the day with the most exciting part of the trip! HOMESTAYS!

We have spoken to students and they are having a blast! We look forward to hearing all of the stories tomorrow morning!

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  1. Hi i’m from camp hill and i just wanted to say hope everyone in china is having a great time. see you camp hill student on the 2nd of June?

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