Day 3

There is a famous saying in China that if you climb the wall, you become a hero. Well, this morning we woke up regular people and tonight we go to sleep heroes!

Yes, today we showed our admiration for the world wonder that is the Great Wall of China. Nothing could have prepared us for its stunning views and enormous scale.

Arriving there, we saved our energy and caught the chairlift. It was intimidatingly high but once we relaxed we were able to appreciate the views and begin to understand the challenges people faced when building the wall.

At the top it was hot, a little smoggy but incredibly steep! We walked (although at some point it felt like a climb) the Great Wall for nearly two hours, taking photos, exploring and enjoying an ice cream to cool down. Looking at the wall into the distance, it continued on and on over the harsh terrain, as far as the eye could see. The picture below is a perfect example of this.

Phenomenal, inspiring, fantastic, exhausting, better than I could’ve imagined and spectacular were all words expressed by the group. Mr Gow and Mr Pearce were very impressed by the effort taken to keep the rabbits out.

Another highlight for the group was riding the luge to the bottom of the mountain. There were plenty of happy cheers echoing throughout the track and lots of ecstatic faces at the end.

After the Great Wall we ventured to a local restaurant, where we delved into the local delicacy barbecued trout. Din din how!! (which means delicious in mandarin)

For the afternoon, we headed to the silk market to test out our bartering skills that Mollie had previously taught us during one of our pre-departure days. Some of us had a successful first go, whilst others were not so successful with the shop assistant coming out on top. But I can guarantee you that we have future negotiators in the group. For those who didn’t do so well with finding a bargain, look out shop assistants because today’s shopping experience will be our gain when we barter with you in Shanghai. We have learnt from our mistakes! 

We finished our night with another spectacular traditional meal around the Lazy Susan. Tonight’s pick was the xiaolongboa (commonly referred to as soup dumplings).

Today is a day that all of us will remember forever. We walked nearly 20,000 steps and climbed 62 flights of stairs to a place that words will never do it justice.

Tomorrow morning is an early start because we leave for SHANGHAI!!!

Goodnight Australia,

Team China 🇨🇳


3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. What an experience! I love the photo showing how steep the wall is. Unbelievable! It looks like you’re having an amazing time, safe flight to Shanghai for more adventures. Hi Mag xx -Mum

  2. What a wonderful experience. Enjoy the sights and different culture. I look forward to your daily comments. Bella’s Nan-Bev

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