Safely arrived!

Hi All, after a whole day of travelling, we have arrived China safe and sound! On our way to the hotel now, looking forward to the city views!

11 thoughts on “Safely arrived!

  1. Great to hear! We tracked the flight using ‘Flightradar’ and loved being able to watch where you all were throughout the day.

  2. Welcome to China Jess Gallagher! Have a wonderful time. We’re all thinking of you over here and following your exciting adventure. From your friends at Primary – Pippa & Annemieka x

  3. Well done guys! Proud of you Daisy! We watched all day on flightradar24 and it was great to watch! Can’t wait to hear how it is all going over there!!! Love ya xxx

  4. Hello all from Grade 2A Kennington PS Australia
    What is the weather like there?
    We are having a lovely sunny Autumn 15 degree day here.
    Have you all got jet lag?

    Mr Coughlin

  5. Lovely to hear. Hope you’ve all settled into your hotel and it’s not too hot 🙂 Looking forward to the next update.

  6. Wishing you all a safe, happy and wonderful Chinese experience! May it be all you have dreamt of and wished for, and even more!!!!!!
    We can’t wait to hear all about upon your return!

  7. Hi Jess Gallagher, hope you’re having fun! Hello from your Eppalock Primary friends!! A few days in now, are you shopping and getting some great bargains with bartering? Are you enjoying the Chinese food? We bet it’s nice and warm. From your friends Pippa & Annemieka x

  8. Hi Quarry Hill students, looks like you’re having a great time in China and eating lots of delicious food. We might try to Skype with you tomorrow if we can arrange it. Hope the weather is a bit warmer than here at the moment!
    Mr Harrop.

  9. Hello Jess and Mr Harvey. Hope you are enjoying China. Watch those little black mushrooms, my grandson didnt like them at all. Hope its not to hot there because it is very cold and wet here. I am enjoying the photo’s and blog from your trip so far. See you when you get back.

    Lyn the cleaner.

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