Last sleep before we travel

So we are down to one last sleep before we travel. Everyone has been busily packing and checking they have everything for the trip. We leave from the QEO at 6am after arriving at 5:40am so we can pack our bags and say our goodbyes, or see you laters.

We wish everyone a safe and happy trip to China. Keep checking the blogs to see where we have been each day.

4 thoughts on “Last sleep before we travel

  1. Hoping all the travellers young & a little older have travelled safely, slept when needed & still smiling. Safe arrival in Shanghai & get ready for the FUN!

  2. Hi Jess and Mr Harvey. We hope you have had a good flight. Cant wait to hear about your journey.
    All the best from Dash and Loki

  3. Hi Jess from Eppalock,
    My family and I hope you have an amazing time and you bring back lots of memories to share with your peers. Safe travels
    平平安安 (píng píng ān ān)
    Regards The Kelly Family

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