Answers to many of the questions posed so far

Here are some of the answers to many of the questions posed so far:

Using a pre- loaded VISA Card
Shopping with cash will work best as many paces we will shop at will only take cash.
Staff will assist students in the management of their money.
Daily money allowances will be calculated and students will be asked to sign for this from their teacher.
Some days students may need more and other days less, depending on the program for the day.

Wet Weather and Raincoats will make identity difficult
Polo tops will be a key identifier along with our white hats. In the event of wet weather and the need for a rain jacket we will rely on our hats.

Travel Groups
Students have now all met as a result of the excellent pre departure program on April 2. They all know their travel group. Travel groups will remain the same to ensure maximum safety for all.
Students will have many opportunities to get to know and mix with everyone.

There will not be any opportunities for swimming!

As mentioned at the Parent Session there will be some washing required. One activity to be included in our Day 2 Student Program will be Washing Hints and Tips!
What to wear each day and what to pack will also be covered with every student.

Team China Windcheaters
We have not included these on our uniform list to keep costs for all families to a minimum.

Team China Polos
These are currently being printed with our Team China logo and name on both the back and front!
Currently we have received sponsorship support from both the Eaglehawk and Strathdale Rotary Clubs to assist with uniform costs. The Eaglehawk Basketball Association has also provided funds to go toward uniform expenses.

Pre Departure Student Workshop- April 2
Congratulations to all students on an excellent day. Terrific teamwork was evident throughout the program. 4 workshops have helped to tune our travellers into what lies ahead…
Workshop 1 – Super Shanghai- Landmarks and Met Travel. Students used a map and looked at photos of tourist attractions they will be visiting. Students were shown important landmarks for navigating around Shanghai.
Workshop 2 – Team Building Games. Students were placed in the groups they will spend most of their time in while in China. The emphasis of this was to meet one another and learn each other’s names.
Workshop 3 – Student Survey- pre trip hopes, dreams and concerns. Teachers have taken these surveys back to their schools so they can collect some information on what the students hope to take out of their overseas Learning experience.
Workshop 4 – Team China Song- creating new verses to build on the catchy chorus! These lyrics will now be collated and students will learn the Team China song at the next learning day.

Our Program for Day 2 will include-
Washing Hints and Tips
Safety using Role Plays- What will I do if……?
Chinese money and bargaining plus more….
Learning the team China song


2 thoughts on “Answers to many of the questions posed so far

  1. Spring Gully Grade 6 student were unable to attend first session, will there some notes or information sent to the school for them to view and discuss with their travelling teacher? Might be beneficial to have names of travelling group volunteers and students.

    Also when I ordered the polo for tehjal I neglected to note how many. Will all student get 2 or did we have to note that? We would like 2.


  2. Hi All,

    I was wondering whether anyone has taken their child to see Dr Anthony McCarthy with regards to immunisations for the trip (apparently he is the local expert on travel immunisations)? Our local GP was unsure whether the students would be required to have one of the immunisations on the “recommendations for travelling to China” list because it was listed as “seasonal”, and no further information was given as to what “season” it is required………I was just wondering whether anyone has spoken to Dr McCarthy personally – I don’t really want to make an appointment that may be a waste of time!

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