Day 5- School visits in Suzhou

Day 5. After refuelling with a delicious buffet breakfast, our sister schools collected us in private vehicles from the hotel and drove us to our school. We all had an incredible day experiencing true Chinese education. It is so different because they don’t have any play time! The schools were very accommodating and made us fee extremely welcome. You can see from the photos that many schools went to a lot of effort to serve us very opulent meals. After this, many of us met up with our home stay families and went off for an evening meal or night time stay. Those who didn’t participate in the overnight stay attended a tour at Tiger Hill followed by a Japanese banquet style meal.

Welcome to the Bendigo Team China blog.

Team China 2017 have landed safely in Shanghai, China. They had a good flight and the kids were great! The travellers are about to make their way through Customs and Immigration.


Welcome to the Bendigo Team China blog.

We will continue to update the blog as much as we can. Please browse through the tabs above to navigate your way around the blog. If you have any questions, please comment or ask your school’s travelling teacher.


Last sleep before we travel

So we are down to one last sleep before we travel. Everyone has been busily packing and checking they have everything for the trip. We leave from the QEO at 6am after arriving at 5:40am so we can pack our bags and say our goodbyes, or see you laters.

We wish everyone a safe and happy trip to China. Keep checking the blogs to see where we have been each day.

Predeparture day 2

Another predeparture day has come and gone.  Today we learned more to make our trip a success such as washing our shirt, bartering and using the train system.  Also the Mayor Rod Fyffe came to see us and wish us a great learning journey. See above on the phrases link for pronunciations for certain bartering phrases with Shengjie.